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in Health Care

ITmedicus has intended to use ICT in healthcare for the development, implementation and further advances of innovative health care technologies. Therefore social capacity, knowledge and acceptance to utilize eHealth technologies among citizens and medical professionals will strengthened further to ensure the top-quality health care in Bangladesh.

Health care solutions provided by information and communication technology (ICT), also known as eHealth.  The use of eHealth technologies allows a mutually beneficial collaboration and involvement of patients and medical professionals in the prevention and treatment of diseases. Overall, ICT can be used to ensure the top-quality health care for citizens.


Mobile App

for Health Knowledge

Empower your business with a professional mobile phone app. Mobile apps provided by ITmedicus are designed to bring the mobile technology expertise to customers. We put your ideas into practice. Working with the most popular platforms we let you enjoy the real power of Mobile!


for Pharmaceutical Industry

We are experts in rapid custom development of web-based, distributed and standalone applications designed to meet customer’s specific requirements and business needs. We follow proven practices that allow for successful project completion, and deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations.


for healthcare Delivery

ITmedicus Telemedicine system provides real-time patient consultations with specialized doctors through hybrid telemedicine systems. The digitalized system provide both printed and online prescriptions and maintains a Personal Health Record (PHR), of each consultation for future reference.

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From the Blog

Best way to see the future is to sense present growth trend: MedAnalytics for Brand Success

As a marketer, you would have been curious about your doctors – how doctors feel your brand and generic. We call it as, ‘doctor’s experience on brand’.

MedAnalytics presents generic drugs market reports, it helps to set a market goal-

  1. Doctor’s preference for a generic in the clinical practice.
  2. Generic growth with prescription
  3. PLC of generic growth and maturity


Identify how doctors prefer generic for the therapeutic indication

Identify generic industry for growth before your competitors come across and see “HOW DOCTORS PREFER GENERIC FOR THE THERAPEUTIC INDICATIONS”. Dive deep into specific generic to discover specific growth drivers.



Know how Generic growth is changing

Know exactly “How Generic growth is changin in Q/Q”.

No need to exploit transaction Excel data. Just to see the Q/Q growth trend in the graph of generic and compare it to your brand.


Understand industry Growth and Maturity

Analyzing BCG matrix you You can get an insights of your business opportunities that are is moving through ‘life-cycle’ phases of introduction, growth, maturity, and decline. Hence BCG matrix brand position in growth phase vs. maturity phase helps you see which generic is still relatively in growth phase and thus positioned for consolidation.The bubble reveals the underlying you the specific industry players at a particular stage.

Compare Brand profile to set your desired Market-Goal






All top-lined brand profiles are created for visualization which means you can get all the way to the individual brand and their company profiles.

This can help you to get a perception of your brand.Now see the future and fix your desired market goal.


To powerup yourself by MedAnalytics visit http://medanalyticsbd.com/

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