If you don’t know doctor’s prescribing mind, how you could make plan for your product- MedAnalytics

Since its launch in 2016, MedAnalytics quarterly Digital Marketing Report (DMR) is the leading brand analyzer of doctor’s prescribing mind.

Knowing your doctor’s mind means:

  • Knowing how, when and why doctor recommend your ​product or your competitor’s ​product
  • Knowing what your product current position in the market- the rank, market share, and growth.
  • Knowing your promotional strength of your product and competitor’s product.
  • Knowing future of the generic
  • Knowing major growth drivers- who generate a bulk prescription
  • Knowing​ your strength is your opportunity and your weakness is your scope to improve.
  • Knowing what strategy would be better for a bigger market difference.
  • ​Knowing what ​the doctor will need information when they have a need for your product
  • Knowing ​where your market is. ​
  • ​Knowing what should be market plan without any change of existing ​​system