ITmedicus released DIMS Vet app

ITmedicus released a new app named DIMS Vet which is the first ever OFFLINE and FREE Veterinary medicine information app in Bangladesh. After developing a widely used app DIMS; ITmedicus has released a very useful and competent app for veterinary medicine information DIMS Vet. It is specially designed for veterinary physicians, veterinary pharmacists, Farmers and pet lovers.

DIMS Vet provides up-to-date information on available and recent veterinary medicines.

The app has following features:

  1. Drugs Details (Indications, Dosage & administrations, Contraindications, Side effects, Precautions & warnings, Withdrawal, Therapeutic class, Pregnancy & Lactation, Pharmacology, Pack size & price).
  2. Search Drug (Search by Brand name, Generic name, Company name).
  3. Drugs by Generic (A-Z generics).
  4. Drugs by Class.
  5. Drugs by Indication.
  6. Favorite Drug (Bookmark any brand names).
  7. Add Drugs (User can also add new drugs)
  8. Feedback (Can directly post your valuable suggestion, advice & comments).

Download link: